Mommy Thumb – How It’s Caused

Mommy thumb is a condition that causes a lot of new mothers sharp pains in their wrist and hands. This particular condition is caused by lifting a baby, holding a car carrier, or even more agitation to the thumb and hand through activities like texting. Mommy thumb, or formally known as De Quervian’s Tendinitis, has been around as long as mothers have had babies, but now that cribs are lower to the ground, new shapes in car carriers, and heavier children, the condition has been diagnosed more and more as of late.

New mothers are finding the pain delibatating because the pain causes them to put down their children, or have to start taking something for the pain just to be able to function normally. The exact cause of the pain comes from the tissue being inflamed around the tendon in the hand. Doctors say the pain does not go away on it’s own very often, and should be looked at by a Mommy Thumb Surgeon. A Mommy Thumb Surgeon in Los Angeles can evaluate the problem, see how bad it has become and establish the best care option.

One of the best things for new mothers to do first is to understand how to prevent Mommy Thumb so the pain never occurs. Even in the best of circumstances some pain and inflammation can occur, but trying to limit the use of the thumb when lifting a child can help. If the pain just starts to begin, this can help heal the injured finger so no surgery is needed. Another great thing to do if the pain does just begin is to wear a wrist guard with thumb brace in order to keep the tendon from moving so it has time to heal.

Some of the cures for Mommy Thumb include using ice to treat the inflammation, an anti-inflammatory medicine for pain and the inflammation, and an ace bandage or splint to keep the thumb immobile so it can heal. Another option if the injury is a bit more extreme can be steroid injections into the area. If all of these options either do not work, or the Mommy Thumb is too advanced, then surgery may be the only option.

If surgery is the only option in order to fix the injury to the tendon and the tissue, then discussing surgery options with a Mommy Thumb Surgeon is the next option. They can discuss how the thumb area will be worked on, and what the healing time will be like. A Mommy Thumb Surgeon in Los Angeles can handle the injury so that picking up a child is never painful again.